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August 24-27, 2021  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1, halls 2, 3, 4

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Exhibitors-2018 / Body work repair

H7 group is a wide range of products from leading brands, tested quality products, a huge range of equipment and consumables for bodywork.
We offer a comprehensive suite of products, which includes enamel, lacquers, primers, sealers, equipment for enamelsselection and preparation, infrared drying, materials for repair, professional paint spray equipment for auto service, compressor equipment, painting and drying booth, body repair materials, materials for graffiti, the services of computer enamelsselection and more over.
We work with 124 representatives from St. Petersburg to Kamchatka, taking into account the interests and capabilities of each of them.
Flexible discount system allows an individual approach to each customer.
The Central office of the company "Russian Master"
398007, Russia, Lipetsk, str.Kovaleva, 134a
Tel: +7 (4742) 23-89-89;

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Multi Fuller - you can handle any auto body repair project with us!
MULTI FULLER - is the stability of quality and breadth of range of goods for body repair. In the main line there are various putties, primers, clear coats as well as resin, sealants, body protection products, resin, antisilicone, aerosols, polishing compounds. In addition, a large assortment of additional products: anti-gravel, polishing forms, cover film and paper, filters, fiberglass and glass mats, spatulas, paint tapes, overalls, gloves, masks, measuring containers and much more. Everything in a bright, memorable packaging and with the original registered trade mark logo. We supply a series of books for the painters as well " Library of What Essential Skills are Necessary for an Auto Body Worker ". This literature is almost absent in Russia and is in great demand. The Troton Sp. z o.o. as a manufacturer conducts high quality market research on the Russian market and responds flexibly to changes quickly to dynamic market demand.
"Tricolor" company was founded in 2004. We specialize in the comprehensive supply of consumables and tools for body repair. Our main supplier and reliable partner is "Troton Sp. z o.o." (Poland), we signed an exclusive contract with for the implementation of the MULTI FULLER TM in Russia. A balanced stock of goods in the warehouse fully meets the growing needs of our customers. By calling us, you can be sure that your order will be accepted, processed quickly and delivered on time.
"Tricolor" is actively developing. We will be glad to see you as our partners, we will always be happy to provide you with information about our products and answer all your questions.

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