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August 24-27, 2021  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1, halls 2, 3, 4

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Exhibitors-2018 / Car alarms & anti-theft devices

Anti-theft system
Developer and manufacturer of car security systems for car protection against theft and additional comfort for the car owner. Patented technology, own production, wide network of company installation centers, technical support 7 days a week. The flagship product is the digital anti-theft system IGLA.

The AUTHOR company has been working on the market of vehicle security since 2010. For 8 years, our technologies have revolutionized the security industry.

* Technology of digital engine blocking via standard CAN-bus instead of imperfect analog relays and satellite alarms.

• All indications by standard vehicle systems.

* Comfort functions control.

* Remote firmware update via Bluetooth channel without dismantling.

• Authorization by the key fob and smartphone application.

Advantages for installation and dealer centers:

* Service site with the latest firmware versions, instructions and wiring installation maps.

* Technical support 7 days a week.

* Quick Technician's visit for assistance, advice or training.

* Support for popular car brands from Europe, America, Asia.

* Quick installation: minimum number of connection points.

* Stealth installation due to small size of the hermetically sealed device.

AUTHOR group is a developer and manufacturer of car security systems for car protection against theft and additional comfort for the car owner. Own production, wide network of company installation centers and technical support.

* Wide range of digital products for car owner comfort and car security.

* Components from Europe and high quality control standards.

* Loyalty programs for car owners and discounts for hull insurance companies.

* Affordable security: basic protection starts from 5 000 rubles.

Company in facts and figures

> 7 years of research in the field of automotive safety

> 25 unique patented solutions to protect the car from theft

> 60,000 installed anti-theft systems

> 30 popular car brands from Europe, America, Asia are supported

Patented authorship technologies

* Digital blockings via CAN-bus and LIN-bus without breaking the standard wiring.

* Modular interaction of independent devices via CAN-bus.

* Indication by standard car lights and sound signals.

* Bluetooth operation: authorization from smartphone, control via mobile application, wireless download of firmware updates without dismantling the device.

Flagship product

• IGLA, anti-theft system

* RAPTOR, digital immobilizer

* KVANT, analog immobilizer

• RAPIRA, slave-alarm with digital blockings

• KEYLESS BLOCK, protection for Keyless entry

* CONTOUR, protection of the engine bay

* TOR, digital interlock relay

* OBD BLOCK, diagnostic connector protection

• ATLAS, smart GSM module

• COMPASS, GSM/GPS search beacon

* COMFORT, comfort functions control

* AUTOSTART, digital engine auto-start system and immobilizer bypass

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