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of automotive industry InterAuto

August 24-27, 2021  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1, halls 2, 3, 4

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Exhibitors-2017 / Diagnostic equipment

AIST - man's decision
"AIST" is a trading company and manufacturer, supplying professional tools in wide range since 1996 as per the highest international standards.

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  • booth AIST CO., LTD
AvtoOptTorg (JTC)
"Avtoopttorg" - the exclusive supplier of tools JTC Auto Tools (JT si Auto Tools) on the territory of the R. F. the Main principle of our company — a professional tool should not be a luxury.
The tools JTC Auto Tools:

- Wide range of products, which is constantly obnovlyaetsya 5 000 names of the tools JTC, which includes the whole range of pneumatic, hydraulic, tools for electrician, tools and common tools and consumables. About 60 positions tool — the company's intellectual property, developed specifically for SRT and patented factory-JTC.

- High quality, comparable to Western obrazcami tools JTC used high-strength steel having extremely high hardness and wear resistance. In addition, the production tool JTC uses aviation duralumin. Heavy duty yet, lightweight plastic Nylon 66 — development of world famous company DuPont and other high quality raw materials which guarantee prolonged service life in comparison with analogues. Quality products JTC meets the requirements of DIN, ANSI and fully complies with GOST. Our tool has unique characteristics and has no analogues on the market.

- Tool that always aliceblue 95% of the JTC range of products we maintain in stock in our warehouse. Our products are available in 53 regions of Russia, 967 retail outlets of our partners. The time of receipt of the order from 1 day. We appreciate your time!

- Best value for kachestvenoe the company is the exclusive distributor of JTC tool, eliminating long chain of intermediaries, due to this we offer the best price in the market.

- High level servisami quickly processed incoming orders. Complete Your order within 24 hours, regardless of its volume. If Your order is urgent, we will package it for 1 hour.

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  • booth Avtoopttorg (Megalight) JTC K200
The main activity of the company was chosen to research, manufacture and supply diagnostic equipment to Russian market. The company paid great attention to the development and launch of production of its own line machins for cleaning injectors. And great importance is given to warranty and post warranty service of soled equipment. Thus, the company has gained tremendous experience and knowledge, which are indispensable for high-tech and perfect production.

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  • booth LANTECH K230
Ecology and security - the sphere of our competence.
Professional diagnostic equipment:
safety test lanes for cars, roller brake testers STM, exhaust gas analyzer AUTOTEST, smoke meter, headlight tester.

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  • booth МЕТА НПФ, ООО K023
your reliable supplier stability
Our business is in a fair supply of quality and affordable equipment is a real small business development in Russia and the creation of jobs across the country. Together we are strong!

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  • booth NORDBERG
STORM has been partners to the tyre industries for decades. For more than 25 years our company has been one of the first in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus for quality and competence in garage equipment.
Always pioneering new technologies, it is our goal that our machines meet the latest customer requirements, combining user-friendly features with the latest technologies on the market.
Now we start work all over the world.
The result is a large variety of patented innovations which allow you to make your business success.

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  • booth Storm-Balans+ LTD