International exhibition
of automotive industry InterAuto

August 24-27, 2021  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1, halls 2, 3, 4

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Exhibitors-2017 / Instruction & Certification

Chemical research and production company BK KHIM is a team of professionals, whose main motto is constant self-development and progress. Our technology — the technology of the future. Our ideas — the ideas of comfort and safety. BK KHIM, a step into the future!

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  • booth BK KHIM H212
World in motion!
The company "Remmatehsnab" is the official dealer of the company REMA tip TOP GmbH, Poing, Germany. We offer tools, equipment and materials for repair and maintenance of tires. The products of the brand Rema tip Top (REMA TIP TOP) holds a leading position in its field in terms of quality and reliability. We care about through the systematic implementation of the highest standards at all stages of production.With the aim of improving the qualifications of the firm Rema tip Top training specialized personnel of the customer in its own training center in Munich, Germany. In addition, seminars and workshops in the framework of the regional exhibitions. Widely practiced seminars/demo training

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  • booth RemmaTehSnab K120